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Abbi helped me so much this evening, I was completely locked on my right hand side from my neck down to my lower shoulder blade. I had the best massage which has released my tension. Abbi was always considerate with the pressure that I wanted/needed. I’ll will be booking again for a few more sessions. I would recommend to anyone.

Had my first sports massage from Abbi last night and it was great! Typical bloke, I’ve never done much warming up, stretching etc. before exercise and it showed. Abbi explained everything she was going to do and the reasons for it. My back and shoulders turned out to be one big mass of knotty muscle which was vigorously kneaded until it started loosen. This morning felt as though I had done a comprehensive workout but feels a whole lot looser. Can’t wait for the next one!

I have recently started running again, after some time out, and I'm now suffering from pain in my right knee when straightening that leg after crouching or kneeling down.  At times it has felt weak, feeling sometimes it might just give out.  I decided to go for a consultation & treatment with Abbi after a recommendation from a good friend.  I was very impressed with Abbi's detailed knowledge & professionalism.  She confidently & thoroughly explained her diagnosis and was able to pinpoint and work on the knots in my quad, helping to break them down with some deep tissue massage and a lovely warming cream/oil.  Although tender, my quad already is starting to feel like it is loosening up so I'm looking forward to the follow-up appointments and a return to getting back out there running again.  Thank you Abbi.

I went to see Abbi after pulling my upper back and neck causing tension and discomfort, been to a few sports therapists before Abbi straight away noticed I was misaligned and set to work.
After just 25 minute session I could already feel improvements, Abbi is very knowledgeable talking me through each step of process she was going through.
Very friendly and professional service, I have my next session already booked in.

Abbi gave me a massage to relieve pain after a RTC that gave me serious back pain It has taken effect and relived the pain💥Highly recommended 💥

Abbi helped me remotely during the lockdown period. By showing me how to relieve the pain in my heel sustained through running, I am back to it within days! Abbi is very professional in her approach but really puts you at ease. She has loads of knowledge and is very thorough at finding the problem area and making sure it's addressed. Definitely recommend her services!

How refreshing what a great experience,my first massage and definitely not my last my shoulders feel more relaxed my back less tight I feel great Thank you Abbi can I book in for next week please. 

For the majority of my life I've always been sat down on a chair in front of a computer causing me to have bad back strains. After telling Abbi about some pains I've gotten from it she instantly knew where to attack and helped relieved a lot of built up tension I'v been having and gave great advice on what to do next! would recommend to anyone to giver her therapy a go!

Abbi did a great job of loosing up the muscles in my back, neck and shoulders which are problem area for me. She’s professional throughout and very knowledgable in her field. Highly recommended - Looking forward to further treatments.

Thoroughly recommend Abbi's deep tissue massage. Very informative and professional whilst getting rid of all immediate tightness in my neck, shoulders and back.

I will 100% book in again!

I tore my gastrocnemius muscle a couple of years back, and I wasn’t given the correct advice of to exercise it to heal correctly. Abbi has recently started working on it, she advised the night of the treatment I would be tired (I slept a straight 9.5hours) and the day after I would probably feel like I’d done a work out. I followed her advice of drinking a lot of water (I drank nearly 3 litres) and felt amazing the next day. Very professional, caring and informative throughout Can’t wait for my next treatment thank you Abbi 

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